The comprehensive training program is 24 months-long and covers a vast variety of challenging and interesting topics. The training is split up into different phases:

Phase Program Details Duration
1 Semester 1 During this phase, trainees will be assigned to one of the four disciplines, which are Oil & Gas Processing Operations, Mechanical Maintenance, Instrument and Control Maintenance or Mechanical Maintenance. Trainees acquire the knowledge and skills required for their specialization through an intensive course, which includes training in the classroom, workshop, and pilot plants. 6 months
2 Semester 2 During this phase, trainees apply the techniques, methods, and procedures they learned in the Academy's pilot plant, where they must complete all Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPITO) and National Qualifications Center (NQC) accreditation requirements that can be completed on campus and be ready to be transferred to the sites. 6 months
3 On-Job Training (Site Specific Training) During this phase, trainees are trained and stationed at their future operating company. At the end of this phase and before graduation, trainees will be evaluated by a panel of senior instructors and managers from the Academy and the Operating Companies. By then, the trainee should have completed all his diploma requirements. 12 months

Upon completing the training, the trainees will graduate with one of the four vocational qualifications offered by the Academy:

  1. Diploma in Electrical Maintenance – Oil & Gas
  2. Diploma in Instrument and Control Maintenance – Oil & Gas
  3. Diploma in Mechanical Maintenance – Oil & Gas
  4. Diploma in Oil & Gas Processing Operations