Short English Courses

ADNOC Technical Academy provides exceptional personal developmental opportunities for all ADNOC employees to enhance their English skills, including level assessment. Highly trained and experienced instructors deliver courses at the Academy and online. The Academy is fully committed to providing qualified and competent learners who can carry out their jobs with the highest safety standards. We utilize our experience, knowledge, and expertise to deliver quality training that meets ADNOC and international standards.

Course delivery

Courses are available online, on-campus, and on-site - where training and equipment are provided.

Our Aim:

  • To satisfy the end-users' needs with high quality and world-class output.
  • To prepare learners for international English placement courses (IELTS/ TOEFL).
  • To prepare learners for post-High school studies (EMSAT).
  • To develop learners’ Technical and Business English levels

English Language Courses & Assessments

  • General English below IELTS scale- A1 CEFR Level
  • General English IELTS level 4- A2 CEFR Level
  • General English IELTS level 5- B1 CEFR level
  • General English IELTS level 6- B2 CEFR level
  • General English IELTS level 7- C1 CEFR level
  • Customized Technical English
  • EmSAT English preparation course
  • English placement test
  • IELTS Preparation
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • Business Writing 1 (Pre and Intermediate)
  • Business Writing 2 (Advanced)

Non Technical Courses

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Tel: 026022789, 026022897, 026022788