Academic Facilities

The campus is fully equipped with workshop stations, modern classrooms, scientific laboratories, DCS simulation centers, laboratories for each specialization, and multiple pilot training plants. Listed below are the academic facilities on campus:

  • Mechanical labs and workshops
  • Instrumentation & Control Labs and workshop
  • Electrical Workshops
  • Pilot Training Plant (PTP)
  • Process Production Simulator (PPS)
  • ADNOC Power Plant (APP)

Recreational Amenities

The Lounge

The Lounge at the Academy's campus offers trainees, faculty, and employees a common area for relaxing, spontaneous meetings, informal teaching, and discussions. It is equipped with comfortable furniture, several coffee shops, and game stations, serving as a space for interaction, gathering, engagement, and activity.


The Academy has several sports facilities and is keen to actively encourage trainees to participate in its sporting activities.


The cafeteria offers a variety of food options during morning, noon and evening time for all trainees.


The Academy’s clinic provides quality primary and urgent medical care. The clinic is staffed with qualified nurses and a doctor who is available during regular working hours.

ADNOC Oasis Shop

The on-site ADNOC Oasis shop provides essential grocery needs and light refreshments.

Car Parking

Located around the campus, a secure parking lot is at the disposal of trainees and employees.


A purpose-built mosque with a capacity of 600 worshippers is on campus.


Free Bus transport to and from the Academy for all trainees. The service is also available to trainees who live in the Northern Emirates, Al Ain, or the Western Region for returning home on weekends.