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5 things to know about the ADNOC Technical Academy

1. What are the skills you will be trained on?

We will equip you with a technical skillset critical to both ADNOC’s growth plans and the UAE economy. You will be able to choose from four specializations depending on your interests. Our programs are recognized by the National Qualifications Center, which means they are the equivalent of a diploma degree.

  • Electrical Maintenance Technicians ensure that anything electrically related to the oil and gas process is connected and in good working order.
  • Instrumental Maintenance Technicians ensure all instruments that assist in the monitoring of the various processes are functioning and calibrated correctly. This is done to ensure accurate reporting of critical process data.
  • Mechanical Maintenance Technicians ensure the functionality of mechanical equipment used in the oil and gas industry. This includes repairs and ongoing preventative maintenance that are crucial in maintaining the functionality of the site.
  • Site Operators ensure the smooth flow of oil and gas fluids through various production processes; if disruptions occur, they are responsible for identifying where the issue is.
2. Will I be able to join the ADNOC team after the completion of my training?

ADNOC is always on the lookout for the best caliber of talent to achieve the organization’s growth ambitions – and the starting point is the ADNOC Technical Academy. This means that you instantly become a member of the ADNOC family upon enrollment so, yes, job opportunity is guaranteed within ADNOC if you successfully pass the program.

3. Are the technical skills I learn going to remain relevant to ADNOC in the future?

Our focus is to build the talent that will shape the future of ADNOC as one of the world's leading energy producers and a primary catalyst for the growth and diversification of the Abu Dhabi economy. Adding onto this, you will be able to apply your capabilities and skills to fill the critical roles on site. These technical skills are important today and will remain important to ADNOC in the future as well; being applicable on sites ranging from oil & gas, to renewables, utilities and advanced manufacturing.

4. What is the main difference between being a trainee at the ADNOC Technical Academy and a student at a university?

A few of the key differences is that the practical and technical skills you learn are applied in practice from day one and the assessments and exams are mainly through practical work. Our system is built to provide continuous on-the-job training. In other words, our trainees are a hybrid between learners and practitioners.

Moreover, you receive a stipend from the day you enroll as a trainee with us. Your stipend increases as you progress through each academic phase, ranging from 5,000 Dirham in the beginning to 10,000 – 11,500 Dirham during on-site training depending on whether you are in an off-shore or on-shore site.

5. What does life at the ADNOC Technical Academy campus look like?

Training with us is much more than just attending classes and learning skills. Our modern campus is fully equipped and was built with the intention of creating a true community. A trainee lounge with cafes and vendors, as well as sports pitches for football, tennis and basketball. All this in addition we have two majlis serving as areas of interaction, gatherings and engagements. These amenities ensure that you will find all you need to make your life enjoyable inside and outside the classroom. We also have an exciting events calendar covering the year, with sportive, social and cultural happenings to cater to everybody’s interests.