About ATA

Founded in 1978, ADNOC Technical Academy (ATA) is an oil and gas training facility based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The Academy provides Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) with entry-level technicians for its various operational facilities in the UAE, and is sponsored by ADNOC’s operating companies. The Academy also offers competency assessments and specialized training programs for ADNOC employees as required.

Upon completion of their academic training at ATA (11 months), graduates are allocated to an OJT program (19 months) at one of ADNOC’s operating companies, where they gain the valuable work experience and skills required to work in the region’s oil and gas industry.

ATA is located in Al Shawamekh, Abu Dhabi. Students train at a large purpose-built campus with state of the art facilities which include modern and fully equipped workshops, smart classrooms, science laboratories, DCS simulation centers, and laboratories for each specialization, in addition to several pilot training plants.

UAE National trainees are eligible to join the Academy after successful completion of secondary school (grade 12) and military service. For more information about enrolling at ATA, please visit the Admissions page.