ATA Chairman's Message

As ADNOC continues to transform into a more performance-led, efficient and competitive business, it will require a new generation of highly talented young technicians and operators.

MR. ABDULAZIZ ALHAJRI ADNOC is committed to maximizing Emirati participation in the workforce. Since 1978, ATA has trained over 5000 technicians and operators, many of whom now occupy senior positions within ADNOC’s companies.

ATA’s students will play a critical role in the future of ADNOC and the UAE as a whole. ATA staff and educators support and instruct students, ensuring that they will become dedicated and knowledgeable technicians and operators, ready to hit the ground running in the workplace and support ADNOC in achieving its key objectives.

I urge all students to take advantage of the opportunities offered at ATA, and welcome all students and staff to the campus on behalf of the Board of Trustees. I hope that you will enjoy a happy and successful future with the company.

Mr. Abdulaziz Hajri
Director (ADNOC Downstream)