Student hostel

Students that live in areas outside the city of Abu Dhabi are entitled to accommodation in the student hostel, which offers catering, laundry and transportation services.

Car parking

Secure car parking is provided for students and staff. Upon registering your car with security, you will be provided with a parking pass allowing you access to ATA student parking. The parking pass will be withdrawn if you are found violating safety rules.


Free transport to and from the ATA campus is available for all students. Buses are provided to collect and return you to locations over the whole of Abu Dhabi during your time at ATA. Students who live in the Northern Emirates, Al Ain or the Western Region are transported home for the weekend.


ATA has a student cafeteria accommodating up to 450 students, serving a variety of hot and cold meals during the assigned breakfast and lunch breaks and in the evening for those students staying at the hostel.

ADNOC Oasis Shop

In addition to the cafeteria, ATA also has an on-site ADNOC Oasis shop providing light refreshments throughout the day.


A purpose built Mosque with a capacity for 600 worshippers is situated within the ATA Campus.


ATA has a number of sports facilities and is keen to encourage students to actively participate in its sporting activities.