Student services

Student registration

Registration is open to all male UAE citizens (and sons of UAE national mothers) who have successfully completed secondary education and are aged between 18 and 22.

All registration documents must be submitted online. Eligible candidates will be called for an entrance exam followed by a personal interview for qualified candidates. Finally, potential students must complete a medical checkup and receive security clearance.

Students are admitted at the start of the academic year in September.

Announcements for registration and admission are made in the local newspapers and on the media.

Counselling and student guidance

Qualified and experienced counsellors are available in the Counselling Unit of the Student Affairs section to help students with any problems they may experience with academic progress, attendance or social adjustment to the ATA environment.

The counsellors also provide guidance regarding allocation of successful students to the ADNOC Group of Companies upon graduation from the Institute. Counsellors will provide support and encouragement, particularly for those living in the hostel.

Our counsellors will also be contacting parents from time to time to keep them posted on their son’s progress at the Institute and answer any questions they may have.