ATA Program

All students at ADNOC Technical Academy undertake a comprehensive 30-month program which equips them with the competencies and on-the-job experience required to work in the oil and gas industry.

The program has five phases – the common core phase, the petroleum core phase, the specialization phase, the OJT rotation phase, and the site-specific phase.

Common Core

Students start their journey at ATA with a four-month training course that covers the foundational areas. Following this period, students are examined in English, Mathematics and Science, and must achieve a minimum grade in order to proceed to the next phase.

Petroleum Core

During this three-month course, students discover the various elements of the oil and gas industry, including the oil exploration, production, refining, gas processing, and petrochemicals areas. Upon completion of the petroleum core phase, students are assigned to certain specialties based on their preferences, and the requirements of the operating companies.


Following the Petroleum Core phase, students undergo a four-month intensive course – including workshops and site visits – regarding their chosen specialization.

OJT Rotation

During the next phase of study, students are taught the techniques, methods and expertise in the classroom that they will later apply in the field through a rotation program. As an example students assigned to an offshore company spend three weeks at ATA, followed by three weeks on site, followed by three weeks off. This phase lasts 15 months.

Site Specific Phase

Following the rotation phase, students spend four months stationed in their future operating company.

At the end of that phase they will be assessed by a panel of senior instructors and managers from both the ATA and Operating companies before graduating.

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